The blueberry's fiber, potassium, folate, vitamin C, vitamin B6 and phytonutrient content, coupled with its lack of cholesterol, make it an amazing food for heart health. The fiber in blueberries helps lower the total amount of cholesterol in the blood and decrease the risk of heart disease.


Native to North America, blueberries are rich in proanthocyanidin, the natural antioxidant that’s proven to fight cancer, lose weight and give you glowing young skin. A study was conducted to show the bioactive properties of wild blueberries in various forms. "Bioactive extracts from wild blueberries were isolated, fractionated, and analyzed. Antioxidant activity, cardioprotective capacity, and ability to inhibit the initiation stage of chemically-induced carcinogenesis were evaluated. Many fractions had antioxidant activity, especially those rich in anthocyanins and proanthocyanidins. The ease of isolation of bioactive compounds and the ability to obtain accurate bioassays depended strongly on the source material used. "

"ONCE INTERFERENCE FROM CERTAIN COMPOUNDS PRESENT IN wild blueberry fruits or whole fruit products were removed, wild blueberries exhibited significant antioxidant activities in both the lipid and aqueous environment. Further fractionation determined that these properties were found in fractions rich in flavonoids and anthocyanidins. Furthermore, the flavonoids from wild blueberry exhibited the ability to inhibit the initiation stage of chemically-induced carcinogenesis by inducing the activity of the quinone reductase enzyme, an assay used for detection of cancer preventive action." 1

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.  Blueberries are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  Blueberries are a food, not a drug or dietary supplement.


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