"Every idea is conceived with a thought, a thought that may some day become reality.  This reality will improve the quality of life for every human being willing to embrace a lifestyle change."

- The anonymous inventor

How it all started

At inception over sixty months ago, a significant opportunity presented itself. This opportunity would revolutionize the way natural nutrients are extracted and preserved. The cutting edge technology created for this opportunity is one of a kind. In order to launch this effort highly educated individuals were recruited to contribute decades of experience for the betterment of mankind.

Our Mission: Extract raw, living, natural nutrients from fruits and vegetables that are known to promote health. Using streamlined technology, we are positioned to be a major player in the rapidly expanding nutrient marketplace.

3 Most Common Extraction Methods

Hydraulic Press
Pressure is used to extract juice from raw produce. The end result is subject to oxidation, and damage to the fragile cell membranes of the produce. The shelf life of this method is only about 90 seconds.
Cold-Expeller Method
Reduces the amount of heat caused during the pressing process, and thus slows oxidation. In turn, more beneficial enzymes remain intact. However, the environment is not controlled and the cell membranes are still damaged.
Solvent Extraction
Ground seeds are purged with petroleum distillate to extract oils and then heated to distill out the solvent chemical. Even if this method is done correctly, a very small amount of this distillate remains causing contamination. It is utilized because of low costs and high yields.
The most common methods for extraction: the hydraulic press, the cold-expeller method, and the solvent method, each have differentials which deliver the various product in a diminished capacity. However, with our proprietary process cold pressure technology is used to extract the plant juices without damaging the beneficial cell membranes. Thus, retaining the life force energy of the natural nutrient. A primary attribute of the design of our machine is that it uses multiple cycles of synchronized extraction. The focus is on both purity and nutrient strength. To date, we have the longest shelf life of any liquid extract available which is contingent on the type of product extracted. Our technology has multiple uses and as efforts continue to evolve, the distribution of wheatgrass tops the list. We live in a health conscious era where people realize that it is not the food in your life, it is the life in your food.